the humans
introducing Frank and Anita Meulstee

introducing Frank and Anita Meulstee

We are Frank and Anita Meulstee.
We live in Lelystad (the Netherlands) without dogs now.

We shared our lives with smooth Chow Chows from 1995 to 2016.

the human male in our household:
Frank Meulstee

the human female: Anita Meulstee
designer and writer of this site


Frank has "something" with dogs, most dogs love him instantly. In his youth his father surprised him with a dog, a Standard Poodle, but his mother did not like dogs at all and disliked the dog following her through the house all day. So Beau got a new home, leaving a very sad Frank behind.
Frank was always intrigued by the Chinese breeds like Chow Chow and Pekinese.


Bobo My parents never wanted a dog, so I walked dogs for others and met a lot of different breeds.
Bobo, a Kuvasz, was my greatest love.
When I went living on my own I started to look around for a dog and found Youri, a Belgian Shepherd. A few months later Frank and I got together and we have not been without a dog until December 2017.

this website is dedicated to all our
smooth Chow Chows of past and present


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February 13th, 2018
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