on Chow Chows and breeding

our vision on the Chow Chow breed

xin+feng Our Chow Chows are at first our beloved pets, good company with an appealing character.
On the other hand they are an ancient cultural heritage, worth to preserve for future times. That is why we started to breed. If we have bitch that is good enough for breeding, we can contribute to that future.


For us, character is most important in breeding, without a stable character no good Chow Chow. Agression and/or fear should not be present in the Chow Chows used for breeding.

Of course physical health is important too, so we only use a bitch for breeding after at least her hips and knees are tested (as required by the Dutch Chow Chow Club).
If these test results are well enough, we breed a female once or twice.

Our goal is to breed stable and healthy smooth Chow Chows. Breeding only smooths is not possible (yet), there are not enough smooths to go for that, although they are not so rare as they used to be. If we have a litter there are usually some roughs too.

Our space is limited, we can have no more than two Chow Chows with us. At present we have a female Chimay and the male Endo lives with a friend.

Chimay has had two litters, so she is retiered.
We hope to use Endo for breeding in the future, his hips and elbows are great, now the knees have to be tested next.


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