Dorka, Kuvasz (1984-1995)

Dorka Pievenmoed, a Kuvasz

how Dorka came into our life

Kuvasz Dorka Dorka was our second dog. We moved to a larger house and thought we would have space for another dog. So we went to our local shelter. There we saw some "just nice" dogs, but in the last kennel there was a big white dog laying in the far corner. It looked like a Kuvasz... For years I often had a Kuvasz staying with me, she belonged to a friend of mine and I really liked the breed. Indeed, the dog in the shelter was a Kuvasz.. and so, Dorka entered our life.

Frank and Dorka

Dorka and Frank

Although I was the one who wanted a Kuvasz, Dorka became my husband's dog.
It was love at first sight! She hated it when her daddy had to leave the house without her; how could she watch over him if she was not near? The love like Dorka and Frank had, I don't think I'll ever see it again. If you have them from puppyhood, like our Chows, it is different. The memories of Dorka are very dear to us.


last photo Dorka Dorka was eight years old when she came to live with us and had a tumor. In the following year she had surgery twice to remove other tumors. Unfortunally, the last one had spread and the vet told us that after this surgery, there were no more options. She lived almost 2 years with us. The last two weeks of her life she taught Nemo how to behave and then she had no more energy. We often think of her.

our Chows

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