pedigree of Nemo
Ca-Caliban's New Captain Nemo


Nemo 1997

Ca-Caliban's New Captain Nemo

black smooth male

born December 25th, 1994
died September 8th, 2006

breeder Roswitha Kukowski (Germany)

parents grandparents great-grandparents
Edlen Cool Distinction, red rough, HD-A Brosscroft Buddy Bear of Edlen, red rough Edlen Commander Biggles of Brosscroft, red rough
Brosscroft Tweeny Twinkle, red rough
Shunling Midnight Mischief of Edlen, black rough Edlen Special Pride, red rough
Edlen Wendine, black rough
Aglaya Smooth Recall, black smooth, HD-A Zombie van de Rekels, black smooth Tsjomoloengma Ogdai, red smooth
Vagant van de Rekels, black smooth
Mai-Ko-Chow's Velvet Puk, red smooth, HD-A Brosscroft Royal Mink, red smooth
Billie Jean, blue rough

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Nemo (1994-2006)
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