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On Friday, September 8th, 2006 we said goodbye to Nemo...

Our fierce black Chow, fellow traveler on the road that is called life, reached his final destination. He was a warrior and a buddha, a Chow that could have been a guarddog in a temple in other times, keeping intruders away.

One week before he went with me and Chimay to the sheep from our Border Collie friends, spending a nice day snoozing in de shade, just being happy to be with humans he liked. Saturday he said goodbye to my father in law, who lived with us when Nemo was a puppy. From Monday on he went downhill fast, walking got more and more a problem and two times he was very close to death, feeling cold and barely breathing.

So we had to decide it was his time and went to the vet.
Nemo never liked vets, or better said: he often did like the person who was vet, but did not like it if that person was *in function* as a vet. I have never met an other dog that could see the difference between a person and his job.
Fortunately we found a very nice vet in a village near. Nemo stayed in the car and got his first injections in the car, so he would not panic. When he started to fall asleep I wanted to carry him inside, but he wanted to walk himself, proud until the end and doing things his way.
The pasing was peacefull, almost like a happy ceremony. We had Chimay with us too, but she wanted back to the car just before Nemo got the final injection. When he was gone a huge amount of blood came out of his nose.... he had been indeed close to death. We picked up Chimay from the car to see Nemo, she sniffed once and wanted back to the car. What was laying on the floor of the vets office was not Nemo, it was only the shell that he left behind to continue his journey, wherever that may lead...

He was a special Chow, and we celebrate his life, feeling not really sad, but more glad that we were chosen to have him in our life for more than 11 years.

Goodbye Nemo...farewell old friend...

Lelystad, September 16th, 2006

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