in memoriam Callisto

Vita Texla Callisto

Callisto rainbow
My special Chow is not with me anymore
my shadow, I miss you, I miss you...

5 years, 3 months and a day... that was your lifespan, a month and a week and a day later I am still not able to understand. Thousands of tears, hunderds of questions....

A few days after your death I wrote this:
My dearest Callisto, so sweet, my special Chow, is gone. We don't really understand what happend to you, on January 1st you attacked me and Nemo. You refused to listen to me nor Frank, I had to free Nemo by putting the back of a spoon between your teeth...
Nemo and Frank slept that night upstairs and so you could not go after Nemo again. The next morning you were still the same, luckely I had put you on a leash, else you would have attacked Nemo again. And then I got that strange, aggressive and bewildered look from you, it scared me, for the first time of your life I was afraid of you... Then I knew we could not do anything else.
Was moving from Rotterdam to Lelystad to much for you? Looking back you changed after the move, you got more and more obsessive behavior after we moved...
I loved you immensly and I miss you, once you were the sweetest Chow on earth.
Run free of your demons at the rainbowbridge...

Lelystad, February 9th, 2006

Rest in peace Callisto, the brave one,
we loved you and we miss you...
Run healthy and happy again at the rainbowbridge,
waiting for us.
We were lucky sharing a part of our life with you, although it was way too short. You live on in our hearts and in your daughter Chimay.


Love of my life don't leave me
you've broken my heart and now desert me
Love of my life can't you see?
Bring it back, bring it back, don't take it away from me
because you don't know what it means to me

("Love of my life", song by Queen)

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