guestbook 2000

Xin-Feng Chow Chows guestbook 2000

name: Christina & Poika & Tippadate: November 26, 2000
Hi Anita! The new site is on NetChows too now ... was fun looking at all those cute puppies !!! Hope my mail works better next time ... :-)
name: Tonny Visserdate: November 22, 2000
very nice pic, very easy to look at I'll be back
name: Lolly Harrisdate: November 14, 2000
I enjoyed visiting your site. Your art work is really nice. I love those beautiful flowers...But of course the dogs are the best.
name: Cujodate: November 11, 2000
Anouska has the most beautiful puppies! I love the one of Frank and Callisto. That is so precious. Beautiful photos and beautiful page.
name: kathleendate: November 11, 2000 your website and chowbabies!! your computer artwork is fascinating! keep up the great work!!!
name: Karendate: November 8, 2000
Hi Anita, Thank you so much for stopping by my site and for your kind comments. I hope to be able to view some of your artwork soon. Stop back by anytime and good luck in your efforts on the Web.
name: Reneedate: November 5, 2000
You have a real nice site... very informative about chows.. Pandora and Nemo are so cute.. I enjoyed my visit here.
name: Vickie, Dominoe & Mcgwiredate: November 5, 2000
Great site !! You can tell alot of hard work and love went into making this site.. Beautiful dogs.. We enjoyed our visit.. ~Peace And Blessings~ Vickie Dominoe And Mcgwire
name: Bonniedate: November 5, 2000
We loved your site your Chows are beautiful... We will be back for another visit soon. Puppy Kisses To All
Bonnie Chelsey Meshia & Chloe
name: Jennifer Lowrance-Yorkdate: November 4, 2000
I really enjoyed your web page, the backgrounds were just wonderful! Your pup's look as they are completely spoiled. . . isn't it great!! Thank you for sharing!
name: Suedate: October 30, 2000
Your Chow's are gorgeous! Great site! Keep up the good work!!
name: Karryndate: October 29, 2000
Excellent pages, most beautiful dogs.. Nemo and Pandora are most beautiful.. and those babies how adorable those pictures. Your site shows the beauty of your Chow's and gives good information on them.. Excellent Site... Outstanding dogs..
name: Judydate: October 27, 2000
Great Website! I really enjoyed the photos of Nemo and Pandora. Sending you our homepage award. Thanks for visiting our website. Greetings from New Mexico USA.
name: Heidi Lawsdate: October 19, 2000
Anita, I really liked your site. This pictures of your dogs were adorable and it was nice learning a little about them and their personalities.
name: FRANK & STEPHANIEdate: October 13, 2000
Very nice to see your Smooth Chows. LIKED THE SITE chows in Water ! not something ours like much. Good to see.
Frank & Stephanie McGurk
name: Marcidate: September 17, 2000
Love your site! I have two smoothies who hate the rain but love to swim! Just like your site, I have a cream smooth chow, and a black smooth chow. My dogs look just like yours. Best of luck to your dogs,and happy tails!
name: Kathy Westdate: July 12, 2000
Hi! You have a nice site and some lovely chows. I have enjoyed my visit, Kathy
name: Sara Koppedate: July 6, 2000
I enjoyed visiting your site and looking at all your Chow pictures, especially your smoothies!
name: Modate: June 30, 2000
Anita!! Finally made it back to your site!! And what a change from the first time. You've put a lot of hard work and long hours into this site, and it shows!! Keep up the great work... Give Nemo & Pandora chow hugs & kisses from me & mine, and big hugs & kisses to you and Frank!!
name: Jan Raydate: June 29, 2000
Nice smoothies! I have one too! you can see him on my site his name is Masterpiece Such A Face
name: Chantaldate: June 16, 2000
Beautiful chows. Also visit Angel's homepage. She is a 2 month old red female.
name: Barbaradate: May 16, 2000
Your dogs are absolutely beautiful, and you've done a wonderful job on your site. Keep up the good work!!
name: Diane Myersdate: April 18, 2000
Anita, What beautiful smooths! Aren't they wonderful?? I hope we can keep in touch.
name: Carla Ashley-Browndate: March 30, 2000
Loved your site! The pics are great and so is all the information!!! You did a marvelous job!!
name: Gizmodate: March 25, 2000
You have done a great job on your website. I love the backgrounds. Nemo and Pandora........ although I'm partial to the name Pandora because I have a chowgirl with the same name....<G>.......... are both gorgeous. Youri is a beauty and knew the love of a faithful owner.....He wil be waiting for you at the Bridge. All the puppies are soooo cute. Great Job. Take Care and give tummy rubs and ear scratches to all
name: Lindadate: March 18, 2000
Anita this is the first time I have seen your website. You and Frank have done a wonderful job.. the pictures are beautiful,the script is interesting and everything runs very smoothly! Good job, you guys!! Love, Linda
name: Tameradate: February 28, 2000
Hi Anita! Nemo and Pandora are just lovely! They compliment each other nicely. Take care now!!--Tamera
name: Mariannedate: February 24, 2000
Hi Anita!
Wonderful that You are also a smooth chow fancier. I have three smooth males at home and they have made me the happiest dog owner in the world. Regards to all Your smooths and rough, of course.
name: Paulettedate: February 18, 2000
I enjoyed your web page very much. Beautiful chowdren. I am very partial to those smoothies. Agility too. So nice to see them having fun.
name: Sue VanOudheusdendate: February 18, 2000
Nice web page! Thanks for sharing. Beautiful Chows.
name: Gordanadate: February 16, 2000
Nice webpage with lovely photos.
name: Caroledate: February 14, 2000
I really enjoyed your page! It was nice seeing the different language! I'm glad also since I only know English! LOL! My Bear looks a lot like Nemo!
name: Margodate: February 8, 2000
I have a shorthair Chow-Chow that I am interested in getting into agility. She is the best dog I have had. I have never met a dog whose whole goal in life is to be a good girl. I have noticed that Chows have a very strict sense of what is polite, and will enforce it on all other animals around them - including the cats.
name: madelinedate: February 4, 2000
Great site. Nice chows,smooth, theres not alot around here.
name: Laura Merrittdate: February 2, 2000
You have a beautiful website. I love your dogs.
name: Jan Wylanddate: February 2, 2000
Anita.. you have some wonderful looking chows happy I met you through the list..please visit my site..


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