guestbook 2001

Xin-Feng Chow Chows guestbook 2001

name: alidate: December 29, 2001
I love chow chows ! they are my favorite dog in the world! I've lived w/one all my life! a black one named Billy -who passed away at the old age of 14 and now i have two red ones Moe age 1 and Dolly just turned 1 on Dec. 27! please go to my web page and sign my guest book~ hope u like the chow chow on the page! : )
name: heather and tugrul bonney-basadate: November 23, 2001
absolutely love your smooth chows... ours juliette is just like yours and of course there a woolly lion male one... hope to keep in touch with all chow lovers... if u like email us anytime with pics of your chows... as we are very keen chow people in australia...
heather and tugrul bonney - basak
ll8 beasley rd
leeming wa 6l49
also leave your address so we can mail u a xmas card!!!!
name: heather and tugrul bonney-basadate: October 21, 2001
we have 2 red chows romeo and juliette the girl is a smooth coat just like pandora... from sherae kennels perth! romeo is a red shanghais grandson! they love to swim and chase the birds and ducks at the ski park and love each other! lo mths old now... will try to send email pic in ski tube! love to hear from any chow lovers out there! email us:
name: Tarjadate: September 9, 2001
Wonderful chows and nice sites...
name: Harrel M. Altondate: September 1, 2001
Beautiful dogs. I still miss my black chow & she's been gone 5 years.
name: Lolly Harrisdate: August 14, 2001
Just saying HELLO from Milwaukie, Oregon U.S.A
name: Conniedate: August 11, 2001
Another beautiful job - the background is beautiful and of course, your Chows are just gorgeous. Well done and a pleasure to visit.
name: Sherrie L Determandate: August 5, 2001
Very nice chows...I love your backgrounds, and the beach scene. I am right by the water here, and we are at the beach regularily.
Thanks for sharing your chows with us.
chow4now, Sherrie
name: Marle' du Preezdate: July 31, 2001
Hi Anita
You have beautifull dogs! I love your background!
Regards to all
name: allandate: June 1, 2001
I have been searching for smooth coat chows as i have a long hair and my friends have a smoothcoat who is a copper/red one and this is a great site
the red is diiffernt red to yours as this one is red
name: Dr. James C. Bouffarddate: May 29, 2001
Enjoyed your site. I just rescued a Chow-mix puppy. She's a character.
name: Loradate: May 12, 2001
Enjoyed your have beautiful dogs!
name: Princess and Ramsesdate: May 8, 2001
Enjoyed the visit. You have some beautiful furbabies.
name: Edith Osbornedate: April 29, 2001
The smooth Chow Chows on your page are beautiful. I like the roughs but really admire the smooths they hide nothing, the majestic outline and expression of the breed is there for everyone to see.
name: wiski+tigerdate: April 10, 2001
Na da hast ja tolle Prachtkerle! Da schnurren sogar meine Katzen "ggg"
name: Christina & Poika & Tippadate: April 2, 2001
Hi Anita, nice to hear from you ! I'm glad you liked the new look of Poika's and Tippa's place. Your two sites are still doing very well on NetChows, by the way ! See you around :- )
name: David Harrison Levi IIIdate: March 18, 2001
Interesting Story on Chow RESCUE
name: WATMOUGHdate: February 8, 2001
Many Thanks for your web pages they are first class. My wife and I are owned by 4 Chows 1 red smooth and 3 roughs. There is no other dog like a Chow. Thanks again Sue & Val.
name: Dot Karcherdate: January 7, 2001
I love your site. It is wonderful and your Chows are beautiful. I am a Chow lover. I lost my beloved soulmate Brandi Bear on May 10th, 2000 and my heart and soul are shattered. She was and still is, heart of my heart, soul of my soul and love of my life. I still have my Kodi Bear, he is 9 years old and grieves deeply for Brandi Bear. Keep up the good work. I would like to join your webrings. I will fill out the info and send it in. Rainbow Hugs, Dot (Brandi Bear's Mommy)


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