guestbook 2007

Xin-Feng Chow Chows guestbook 2007

name: laraine craftdate: 11:04pm 11-21-2007
very beautiful dogs and nice site.
name: Sandy Goulddate: 9:30pm 10-06-2007
checking all the web-sites out with smooth coat chow chows. We had to put ours down 4 weeks ago almost 12 years old. It's like losing part of our family we loved him so much. What do you charge for a puppy? The breeder in Florida just bred her chow hope one at least will be a smooth male chow. Sure do miss Sherman Tanque.
reply: hi Sandy, I am sorry you lost your smooth Chow Chow. I know the feeling, last year we said goodbye to our beloved Nemo, who was nearly 12 too... I hope the litter in Florida will bring you your smooth male!
name: kathleendate: 2:16am 06-09-2007
havent visited for a while but i always have loved each and every one of your chows. I really loved Nemo's Happy Dance...... that is so cute. now we have a smooth girl, Jett, and she is black. she is so smart and learns things quick. maybe she can learn to dance. i will come back often. love ya....kathleen
reply: thanks kathleen for leaving a note in our guestbook.
I hope Jett will do the happy dance someday ;-)
love you too! Anita
name: diannedate: 9:30pm 05-27-2007
best and most current information i have read on the topic of chow chows. i am the owner of a 6 month cream chow puppy and found the site very useful.
reply: thank you Dianne!
name: Mattdate: 7:23pm 04-11-2007
Wonderfully informative website. I particularly enjoyed your pages about BARF as well as your pictures! I miss my 2 Chows and I'm considering getting another Chow after visiting your website.
reply: thanks Matt, I hope you'll find a Chow again.


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