guestbook 2008

Xin-Feng Chow Chows guestbook 2008

name: Silvia Grimmdate: 21:08 01-11-2008
Hello from Germany, we just visited your great Website again, best wishes, Silvia,Bernd and Standardpoodles.
name: julie brennandate: 5:05am 02-29-2008
really informative site!
i have had 2 blue chows and love the breed.
they are devoted and great for families with kids and cats but both of mine have been fixed before they could know any different. I think they are less agressive as they age. My spirit was a pure blue born on july 4th - the only pup in the liter however the previous liter was 7 (with no blues) is that normal?
reply: thank you Julie, glad you have great Chow Chows too.
The size of a litter Chow Chows varies a lot, as you experienced, even with the same sire and dam. With colors it is the same, if the genes are present in both parents, it is possible a certain color can occur, but never sure. Anita
name: Jonathan Elledgedate: 4:06pm 02-22-2008
Beautiful chows. Great information. This site is getting bookmark as a reference.
Thank you!
reply: thank you Jonathan. Anita
name: Sabina Holdsworthdate: 8:25am 02-14-2008
Great, site Anita. Really informative. I am trying to learn about genetics at the moment, so the info on your site has been really helpful. I am in love with Desdamona from Litter D.
reply: thank you Sabina, it is always nice to hear my site is useful! Anita
name: jose mejiadate: 4:34pm 01-29-2008
Hello well congratulate you, I also have upbringing chow chow and other races and are wonderful. My site is lobato chowchow
reply: hi Jose, thanks for writing in our guestbook. Unfortunately the link you provided did not work, so I removed it. Anita
name: Alena Elyutinadate: 4:32pm 01-05-2008
Many thanks to you for yours web-site, especially for the information on genetics of colors of the chow-chow.
You have done greater work, this information easily is read and understood.
Accept my kindest wishes from kennel SIMAUTA Dess, Russia
reply: thank you Alena, It is always nice to hear my website is usefull.
Best wishes, Anita Meulstee


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