Ch Smooth Victory of the Royal Club × Vita Texla Callisto

Billy Wong, Bobo, Bløffer and Bali Dancer
born on January 14th, 2003

Billy Wong
Billy, week 1

black rough male
photos Billy

Bobo, week 3

red smooth female
photos Bobo

Bløffer, week 5

black smooth male
photos Bløffer

Bali Dancer
Bali, week 7

red smooth female
photos Bali

Pedigree Xin-Feng's B-litter
Ch Smooth Victory of the Royal Club, black smooth, HD-C Ch Walk On Ice of the Royal Club, red rough, HD-B Ch Knock On Wood of the Royal Club, red rough
Ch Tulip Queen of the Royal Club, red rough
Baytor Blue Velvet Violet, blue rough Blue Drummer Boy of Baytor, blue rough
Baytor Honey Velvet, fawn smooth
Vita Texla Callisto, red smooth, HD-B Yuki van Juttersburch, red smooth Fulco van Juttersburch, red smooth
Eline-Kiri vom Wiesfeld, red smooth
Xin-Feng's Anouska, red smooth, PL-vrij Hunter of Daddy's House, red rough
Ca-Caliban's Pandora, red smooth, HD-C


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