Xin-Feng's Castro

C-litter, pup #5 - red rough male

Castro 02112004 The fifth born pup was Xin-Feng's Castro, the only rough in the litter. This is the first portrait of Castro, taken on November 2nd, 2004.

Castro lives in Zeist, the Netherlands.

Castro at Franks lap from 1 to 8 weeks:
Castro, week 1 Castro, week 2 Castro, week 3

Castro, week 4 Castro, week 5

Castro, week 6 Castro, week 7 Castro, week 8

We went to Zeist to visit Castro and deliver his pedigree in July 2005. Chimay went with us. Casto and Chimay liked eachother and played a lot.
Castro and Chimay play Castro posing


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