Xin-Feng's Chimayra

C-litter, pup #7 - red smooth female

Chimay 02112004 Xin-Feng's Chimayra, callname Chimay, was born last. This is the first portrait of Chimay, taken November 2nd, 2004.

At first she and Ginger looked very much alike, but later on it got easier. She was the first pup who dared to play with Nemo, so she stayed with us.

Chimay at Franks lap from 1 to 8 weeks:
Chimay, week 1 Chimay, week 2 Chimay, week 3

Chimay, week 4 Chimay, week 5

Chimay, week 6 Chimay, week 7 Chimay, week 8


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