Xin-Feng's Desdemona

D-litter, pup #2 - red rough female

Desdemona: the love of Othello in the tragedy by Shakespeare.

Desdemona, 1 day Xin-Feng's Desdemona, a red rough female, was born second. Her birthweight was 416 gram.
She was one day old at the photo right.

Her call name was Desna.
Desna lived with Angela and Elco in Veen (the Netherlands).

Desna died on April 12th, 2018.

Desna at Franks lap from 1 to 7 weeks:
Desna, week 1 Desna, week 2 Desna, week 3

Desna, week 4 Desna, week 5

Desna, week 6 Desna, week 7

Left Desna December 2007, right Desna, January 2009
Desna Desna


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