Xin-Feng's Don Leo

D-litter, pup #3 - red smooth male

Don Leo: nickname of the Dutch football coach Leo Beenhakker (Rotterdam, 1942).

Don Leo, 1 day Xin-Feng's Don Leo, a red smooth male, was born third. His birthweight was 355 gram.
He is one day old at the photo right.

His call name is Bobbie.
Don Leo lives in Dieren (the Netherlands).

Bobbie at Franks lap from 1 to 7 weeks:
Bobbie, week 1 Bobbie, week 2 Bobbie, week 3

Bobbie, week 4 Bobbie, week 5

Bobbie, week 6 Bobbie, week 7

Left Bobbie in the snow December 2007, right when we visited him February 2008.
Bobbie snow Bobbie


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