Xin-Feng's Dao

D-litter, pup #5 - red smooth male

Dao: chinese for "way" or "path", often written as Tao.

Dao, 1 day Xin-Feng's Dao was born fifth. His birthweight was 425 gram.
He is one day old at the photo right.

Dao lives in Veenendaal, the Netherlands, with Jan, Jessica and his aunt Ginger (Xin-Feng's Charming Ginger).

Dao at Franks lap from 1 to 7 weeks:
Dao, week 1 Dao, week 2 Dao, week 3

Dao, week 4 Dao, week 5

Dao, week 6 Dao, week 7

Left Ginger and Dao December 2007, right Dao is enjoying his chewy February 2008
Ginger en Dao Dao


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