Xin-Feng's Eki

E-litter, pup #7 - red smooth female

Eki, Bask mythology, the godess of the sun.

Molli, 7 weeks Xin-Feng's Eki was born last.
At birth she weighed 380 gram.

Her callname is Molli, she lives in Finland with Teija.

Eki at Franks lap from 1 to 7 weeks:
Molli, week 1 Molli, week 2 Molli, week 3

Molli, week 4 Molli, week 5

Molli, week 6 Molli, week 7 Molli, week 8

Left Molli, July 2009, right Molli at the show in Helsinki, December 2009
Molli juli 2009 Molli show


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