daddy and Chow

Frank with our smooth Chow Chows

Six photos of Frank with one of our Chows.
Nemo liked to lay on Franks lap, this way he really took his rest.
Pandora wanted that too, but she never managed to get really comfortable on Franks lap, so she prefered to lay next to him on a couch. She was daddys girl, so two photos from them together.
On the forth photo Frank and Callisto in the kitchen window.
Next a photo of a young Gladdich just fitting on Franks lap
The last photo Frank and Chimay close together on the couch.

-1- I hope you can see Nemo!
-2- As close as possible

-3- At daddys lap!
-4- What is going on outside?

-5- Gladdich at Franks lap
-6- Frank and Chimay together on the couch


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October 6th, 2009
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