Callisto and the sheep

June 29th, 2003: Henny and Ed have Border Collies and an Australian Cattle Dog and a flock of sheep to train their dogs. They invited me and Callisto to come and see the sheep and to see if Callisto was interested in herding.... well she is certainly interested, a little to much!

Ed made some great photos from Callisto, thanks!

-1- Drift, the Border Collie, is picking up the sheep, Callisto is watching
Callisto, Anita en Henny
-2- the sheep arrive

-3- the sheep are in the holding pen and Callisto is running round
Callisto en Anita
-4- please mom, lets go!

Callisto en Drift
-5- Callisto and Drift
Callisto, Anita en Henny
-6- Callisto and the sheep

Sadly Callisto got more and more prey-drive, when she was near the sheep. Eventually she jumped a one meter high fence to chase the sheep. Ed and Henny lived too far away from us to train Callisto on a regular basis. So we decided to keep her away from sheep.


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