a walk with six smooth Chow Chows on the island Texel

March 21th, 2004: Vita Texla Susie, Callisto's litter sister, had ten pups on March 9th, 2004. So I went to the isle Texel to see them, together with Pandora en Callisto. Henk and Nel are the owners of Vita Texla Susie, and they live there with 4 smooth Chow Chows: Noes (Xin-Feng's Anouska), daughter of Pandora and mother of the three others, Vita Texla Susie, Vita Texla Tinka and Vita Texla Laika.
With Pandora and Callisto added we had six red smooths together. We went for a walk with them all.

introducing the Chow Chow ladies

Ca-Caliban's Pandora
8 years
Xin-Feng's Anouska
5 years
Vita Texla Callisto
3 years

Vita Texla Susie
3 years
Vita Texla Tinka
2 years
Vita Texla Laika
1 year

the walk

Pandora and Laika
-1- there was a small lake, Pandora goes into the water and Laika too
Calisto, Pandora, Tinka, Susie and Laika
-2- and soon there are five Chows wading through the water

Henk, Noes, Pandora and Nel
-3- from left to right: Henk, Noes, Pandora and Nel
6 Chow Chows
-4- YES! I managed to get all six Chow Chows together on a photo

-5- all Chows have to sniff the same interesting spot
running back
-6- four Chows come running back, we go the other way ladies!

Callisto, Pandora and Laika
-7- on the way back in the water again, Callisto, Pandora and Laika
all Chows
-8- Henk and Nel with Callisto, Pandora, Tinka, Laika, Susie and Noes


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