Chimay in the snow, 2005

March 2nd, 2005: snow in the garden, 4 months old Chimay thought this was much fun! She zoomed through the garden playing with her stuffed toy.

-1- Chimay running with her toy
-2- throwing it away, getting it again, big fun!
-3- Chimay likes to jump around

Chimay in the snow, 2006

Exactly one year later, March 2nd, 2006, snow again! This is really rare, we don't get snow often and usually not in March. Together with Ed and his Border Collies and Jack Russels we took a walk in the snow.

-1- Chimay in the snow
Leary and Chimay
-2- Leary and Chimay

Chimay running
-3- Chimay running through the snow
Brona and Chimay
-4- Brona en Chimay in the sun

-5- Chimay at the top of the dike
Chimay, Kailen and Skeet
-6- Chimay and Skeet run back to the car, Kailen is watching


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