Chimay's first trip in the canoe

Near our house in Lelystad is a lot of water. I thought it would be nice to explore the water with Chimay. On the internet I found a nice second hand canoe. So now Chimay and I are learning all about canoeing.
On July 2nd, 2006 we made our first trip on the lake here, with Ed, so I could focus on Chimay.

Thanks to Marianne for taking these pictures.

Chimay canoe
-1- Chimay went, not without help, into the canoe
Anita and Chimay
-2- ears low... "what am I doing here?" But a treat helps to gain her trust

on our way
-3- on our way at the lake
in the canoe
-4- Anita, Chimay and Ed in the canoe

Chimay looking around
-5- Chimay's curiosity wins, she starts looking around
-6- Chimay posing for Marianne for a nice picture

Chimay kijkt water
-7- Chimay looks at herself in the water
land in zicht!
-8- sigh, we came back allright!


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