Chimay swimming

July 19th, 2006: A very hot day in July, we thought that swimming would be a nice way for Chimay to cool off. She did not appriciate it!
We won't make her swim again, we keep it at wading through the water, that is what she likes.

Thanks to Peggy for taking these photos.

Anita and Chimay
-1- Anita and Chimay in the water
-2- Chimay won't go any further

-3- luring did not work, so we put her in deeper water
-4- this is not fun!

-5- Chimay wants back
Ed and Chimay
-6- maybe with a little help from Ed?

Anita and Chimay
-7- even if I hold her, all she wants is going back
Chimay happy
-8- Chimay out of the water and all happy again


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