Gladdich attending puppyclass

I took some private puppyclasses with Gladdich at a professional dog training facility. Sjoukje Lautenbach was our trainer. Here some pictures of our class on December 7th, 2006.

Thanks Ed, for taking these pictures.

Gladdich walking on leash
-1- walking next to me
Gladdich sit
-2- Gladdich sits on command

Gladdich on the dogwalk
-3- on the dogwalk
Gladdich walking past an umbrella
-4- walking past an umbrella

Gladdich retrieve
-5- running after his toy
Gladdich won't come
-6- Gladdich hears me, but does not come

-7- what to do now?
Anita and Gladdich
-8- coming at last


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