canoe again

Guido and Anita with Chimay and Gladdich in the canoe

Chimay knows: the canoe is fun! But I need help to take Gladdich too. When Guido comes to us for a week-end, I take my chance. So Gladdich had his first canoe trip on July 15th, 2007.

Thanks Henny for taking the pictures.

Guido, Anita and Chimay
-1- first we take Chimay for a tiny trip
-2- Chimay enjoys!

Anita, Gladdich and Guido
-3- Gladdich refuses, luring does not help... what to do?
Anita and Gladdich
-4- with help we got Gladdich into the canoe, now we can go!

Guido, Anita, Gladdich and Chimay
-5- Guido has to paddle alone while Gladdich is still on Anita's lap
Chimay, Gladdich, Anita and Guido
-6- slowly Gladdich relaxes and starts to look around

Guido, Anita, Gladdich and Chimay
-7- slowly paddling back
Chimay and Gladdich
-8- look daddy how brave I am!


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