Gladdich and Stella playing in our garden

On August 27th, 2007, Marijke and Stella visited us. Stella was a Dutch Shepherd Dog and Gladdich loved her. That was very special because Gladdich disliked almost all other dogs.
Gladdich and Stella had a great time playing together in our garden, both a bit rude in play, but both tolerated the rudeness of the other very well.

Stella and Gladdich wrestle
-1- wrestling
Stella and Gladdich smile
-2- both smiling

Stella with block and Gladdich
-3- I am much more fun
Stella and Gladdich
-4- I did not mean to make you angry

Stella and Gladdich exhausted
-5- both exhausted
Stella and Gladdich stretched out
-6- both ready playing?

Stella and Gladdich playing
-7- no, some more play
Gladdich and Stella content
-8- that was GREAT!


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