Gladdich is playing with Eki and Eoos in the garden

Gladdich loved our puppies. He could play ever so gentle with them from the age of five weeks. Others thought this to be very special, but I think there are not many Chow Chow males given the chance to interact with very young puppies.
Both our (neutered) males went along well with our litters. Nemo could be a little rough with them, but according to Eberhart Trumler this is natural male behavior when the pups leave the den. Nemo and Pandora used to do everything together, so Nemo was in the whelping box while Pandora was giving birth to the pups. Back then we never realised how special this was.

On this page some pictures from Gladdich playing with the pups. At the first four pictures Gladdich with Eki and Eoos, taken May 9th, 2009. The last four pictures, taken May 25th, 2009, show Gladdich playing with Eoos.

Eoos and Eki
-1- Eoos and Eki run through the garden with Gladdich
Eki, Gladdich and Eoos
-2- the puppies try to climb on Gladdich

Eki and Gladdich
-3- Eki nearly on Gladdich
Eoos, Eki and Gladdich
-4- Eki wants some too!

Gladdich and Eoos
-5- Gladdich and Eoos in the garden
Gladdich and Eoos
-6- Gladdich is holding Eoos

Eoos under Gladdich
-7- under Gladdichs leg
Gladdich and Eoos
-8- somtimes Eoos is allowed to win


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