raising and training a Chow Chow


walk without pulling The Chow Chow needs to be raised with kindness, altough consequently. He will easely adapt to your daily routines. Chow Chows are clean dogs, most pups are house trained as early as 5 weeks. Reward the behavior you like. When he is doing something you don't want it to do, then think about what you would prefer it to do instead, something so he is not able to do the unwanted behaviour. For example, if your Chow runs to the door when the doorbell rings, teach him to sit in the livingroom when the doorbell rings.
Take puppy classes at a place where positive training methods are used.


A Chow Chow will only obey when he sees the purpose or reason of the command (pleasing your human can be a good reason too). If the Chow Chow is to be trained further than basic obedience, you need a lot of patience. They don't learn fast and do have an opinion of their own... Every Chow Chow can learn the basic commands, but if you want to go on it depends on the individual Chow Chow and owner whether or not this can be successful.


sit A few recommendations to ease training your Chow Chow:
- a few short training sessions are better than one long session
- don't do the same all the time, they are easely bored
- stop training before they get distracted

Don't force, try to teach the commands in a natural way. For example the command "SIT" is very easy to learn if you keep a treat above the nose, if the Chow raises his nose, because he smelled the treat, you move your hand slightly forward (towards the back of the Chow) and he will sit! At that moment you say "SIT" and give the treat. Do this a few times through the day and soon he will sit if you say so. Keep rewarding him when he follows your command and after some time you only give a treat once in a while.

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