recommended books about the Chow Chow breed

world of chows world of chows The breed bi-annuals The World of Chows, published by BBpress in the Netherlands, are amongst my favourite Chow Chow books, lots of interesting articles from Chow lovers all over the world and full color photos.

The two books by Dr. Samuel Draper & Joan McDonald Brearley The book of the Chow-Chow and The world of the Chow-Chow. These are great books about the Chow Chow, with interesting information about the breed and its breeders.

book of Chow Chow world of Chow Chow Three more titles, first the classic The Chow Chow, by Lady Dunbar, this book was reprinted in 2007. Some of the information is a bit outdated, but the book is still interesting because of the photos and the ideas about the breed a century ago.
The English classic on Chow Chows (last reprint 1972) The Chow Chow by C.E. Collett and the American publication The complete Chow Chow by Kip Kopatch (1988).

helpfull dog training books

The book that changed my view on dogs and dogtraining was On Talking Terms With Dogs: Calming Signals by Turid Rugaas, a Norwegian dog trainer, it tought me to really communicate with my Chows. Furthermore Don't shoot the dog by Karen Pryor and Culture clash by Jean Donaldson.

books about dogs

Konrad Lorenz book Man meets dog is`stll one of my favourite dog books, together with the two books by Eberhard Trumler Your Dog and You and Understanding your Dog.

breed info

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