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Pandora, Nemo and Calllisto


Introduction of the humans Frank & Anita Meulstee, owners of Xin-Feng Chow Chows, our vision on the Chow Chow and breeding, why we named our kennel Xin-Feng and what it means.

our Chows

Our smooth Chow Chows and other dogs from the past
Endo, Chimay's son, lives wih a friend.
The Chow Chows and other dogs of the past have their own spot at the rainbow bridge.
Last part of this chapter is the Xin-Feng family tree, showing how all our Chows are related to eachother and the pedigrees of our Chow Chows.


Our breeding plans, photo's and pedigrees of all pups whelped at Xin-Feng.
In 1998 we bred our first litter, Pandora gave six pups, our A-litter, four smooths and two roughs.
January 2003 Callisto got our B-litter, four pups, three smooth and one rough. At the end of October 2004 Callisto whelped seven pups, our C-litter, six smooths and one rough.
Chimay gave us two litters too. In September 2007 the six pups of our D-litter, three smooth pups and three rough pups. In March 2009 Chimay whelped seven pups, our E-litter with six smooths and one rough.


Photos with stories of our smooth Chow Chows from the past.
Too many to list them all, from Frank with our Chow Chows at daddy and Chow and Pandora taking a mudmask, to our adventures with sheep, in the zoo and in the canoe.
And the photo albums of our Chow Chows of the past: Nemo, Pandora, Callisto, Gladdich and Eoos. Chimay

breed info

Information about the Chow Chow breed.
The history of the breed; their character and about training a Chow Chow. The FCI breed standard, recommended Chow Chow books, and an article about health-problems in the Chow Chow breed.


Genetics of color and coat in the Chow Chow breed.
Starting with introduction genetics, explaining the basics and terminology of genetics. The dog color genes A, E and K and the color genes B, C, D, G, M, S and T. The genetic make up of the different Chow Chow colors, in color breeding what to expect when mixing the colors in breeding, the differences between the colors red, fawn and cream, and what is recessive black and the relation with the color white.
The two Chow Chow coats, how to recognise them the first days after birth and the coat genetics.

feeding raw

Why we feed our Chow Chows raw and other information about feeding raw (also known as BARF).
Some advice how to switch to raw, and frequently asked questions.


This summary, the history and development of this website in the past ten years, the sitemap and our disclaimer and privacy statement.


The various ways to contact us if you have a question or want information.


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