history of the Xin-Feng website on the world wide web

I started my first website in January, 2000: a free website at XOOM, members.xoom.com/meulstee, 4 pages with some pictures of my smooth Chow Chows Nemo and Pandora. Later it was changed into members.nbci.com/meulstee and I added more pages.
Part of these pages are still available at the web archive. There you is a version dated January, 2001 (without the photos). The Xin-Feng site moved to freeservers.com when NBCI stopped their free service. In 2002 my provider, FREELER, started with websites for members, so we moved again, to www.ai170841.freeler.nl.
February 2005 we had enough of moving around on the web so we claimed our own domain at www.xin-feng.nl, hosted perfectly by Your Hosting.
In time the Xin-Feng site grew from a few pages about our own smooth Chow Chows into a large, informative site about (smooth) Chow Chows. In the future I hope to add pages about behaviour and "reading" body language of the Chow Chow.
From 2001 to 2004 I reviewed other sites and rewarded some with the "Nemo Website Award". This site was honored with awards from others too. When I reorganised this site in 2006 I decided to remove these pages.
Between January 2007 and August 2012 I wrote irregular on our weblog.

the related sites

The Chow Chow Puppie Pages (no longer on the web) started out with a few photos, mainly our own pups. At that time there were not many sites with smooth Chow Chows on the web, a picture of a smooth pup was hard to find. With the help of many visitors it became an overview from puppies in all colors, coats and types.
Anita's Artwork (no longer on the web) was a small webgallery some computer altered photos mainly from dogs. Later I added pictures of flowers and the city of Rotterdam. Most were from the years 2000 - 2003.

tools used to create this site

The very first pages were made with the XOOM-site builder. Later I learned myself HTML by viewing the sources of other sites. In the past I used to be a COBOL and PL1 programmer, the knowledge from these main-frame programming languages did help to understand and use HTML. Later I discovered some sites with HTML manuals and those helped to rewrite all pages in "Valid HTML".
September 2006 I redesigned the site and started to use CSS. The last major change was in September/October 2010, when I rearranged the pages, moved up to XHTML and extended the use of CSS.
The photos are resized with Ulead Photo Express 2.0 SE and 20/20. The photo that is used as background was made into a seamless tile with 20/20. Ulead Photo Express SE came for free with my HP scanner in 2001; 20/20 is a free photo program.
The photo albums were originally made with Picasa, the free photo program by Google, but in October 2010 I rewrote them to fit with the layout of the website.


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