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Name: Gaetano (Homepage)
Country: Italy Date: Tue Dec 25 15:39:46 2001
Comment: wishes for a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
A caress to your beautiful chows. lijn
Name: Tarja (Homepage)
Country: FINLAND Date: Mon Dec 17 10:53:49 2001
Comment: Hello!
What a marvellous puppies... I loved.
Snow- and chowfully greetings from Finland.
-Tarja- lijn
Name: brenna
Country: Date: Sat Dec 8 23:23:18 2001
Comment: hello y'all and thank u so much the maker of this great site it helped me get my first dog....a chow chow it's so cute her name is ringer and she is a blue female i trained her and she is a joy!! I just love chows (especially blue onez!!!)
ta ta
greetings from London!!!
P.S. my mom hates when in the rain he gets all puffed up!!! (not to meantion wet!) lijn
Name: morgan
Country: Date: Sat Dec 8 23:17:53 2001
Comment: this a really sweet page i love chow chows their so cute and cuttily i really wanted one a few weeeks ago and i showed my mom this page and she thought they were addorable so i got one in blue her name is chewy thank you so much!!! lijn
Name: Peggy L. Chacon
Country: USA Date: Thu Dec 6 22:28:38 2001
Comment: Wonderful pictures of chows!!!! They are my favorite breed of dogs and I currently own two, one is red and the other is black. Both of my "boys" are very spoiled but I love them very, very much. When my Mom was murdered last year I was given a red chow, Gordy, as a gift for Christmas. He has been the best therapy I could have received. Petey came several months later and they are a joy. lijn
Name: Todd & Lupe Vargas
Country: U.S.A. Date: Sat Nov 10 07:29:45 2001
Comment: We have a chow that has a brindle color. Do you know of any one who can e mail pictures or people that have brindle chows ?

Thanks and God bless !!! lijn
Name: Shirley Andrew
Country: uk Date: Sat Nov 10 00:42:25 2001
Comment: I really enjoyed seeing all the beautiful chow puppy's. I love the blacks. How it fetches back memories of my beautiful boy Chang who we have just lost.
Lots of chow kisses.
Shirley & Khan lijn
Name: Mama/Papa/Noor
Country: Nederland Date: Sun Oct 28 21:40:38 2001
Comment: Wij bewonderen je bewerking van de website : honden, bloemen, allemaal even mooi en kunstzinnig ! Bravo ! lijn
Name: Christa Nöske (Homepage)
Country: Germany Date: Fri Oct 19 04:51:15 2001
Comment: Hello, you have a wonderful home page. Have it enjoyed to surf here. Will look past now and then. Before I leave this place, I would like to leave my tracks in the visitors' book. Greetingses from Germany Christa
Name: eija pyökäri (Homepage)
Country: finland Date: Sun Sep 30 17:11:59 2001
Comment: Very nice homepages with wonderful fotos. Greetings from Finland. lijn
Name: ingela (Homepage)
Country: Sweden Date: Fri Sep 21 20:19:35 2001
Comment: Lovely photos, nice homepage. lijn
Name: Baila-Bonny (Homepage)
Country: Germany Date: Mon Aug 13 00:35:24 2001
Comment: Hi, i loved whis HP. Nice pictures.
See you
Baila and Bonny lijn
Name: melaniekock
Country: nederland Date: Thu Aug 2 15:01:58 2001
Comment: hele leuke honden lijn
Name: Nina (Homepage)
Country: Sweden Date: Thu Jul 12 20:27:33 2001
Comment: Hi!
I just wanted you to know that I liked your site..
Chow-puppies are so cute!
// Nina lijn
Name: Michael (Homepage)
Country: UK Date: Mon Jul 2 10:43:06 2001
Comment: Hi,
Have a look at my webICQ - www.aska.ru - it helps users to use ICQ without any icq-clone programm
By the way, I liked your site! lijn
Name: Deanna Horton
Country: united states Date: Mon May 21 03:49:35 2001
Comment: I loved the chow pictures, and especially your husband showing how fast they grow. I use to raise chows, but don't have one now and I truly miss having a chow. Please keep us chow lovers updated, on your chows. Thanks for sharing.
Deanna lijn
Country: UNITED STATES Date: Sat May 19 03:24:43 2001
Comment: LOVE THE PIC. lijn
Country: Singapore Date: Tue May 1 21:01:27 2001
Comment: lijn
Name: Jean Jardine (Homepage)
Country: UK Date: Sun Apr 29 17:01:11 2001
Comment: Hi
as a chow lover too i stopped by to say hallo and what a lovely site showing all the different coloured puppies. they are all so cute.
chow4now Jean lijn
Name: Peter + Helma (Homepage
Country: NL Date: Sun Apr 8 19:11:04 2001
Comment: Hi Anita,

Great site and keep up the good work for the chow chow world! lijn
Name: Jim Cavaness
Country: USA Date: Mon Feb 26 15:44:58 2001
Comment: Cujo, my mother told me of your homepage using the picture of my daughter. It is fantastic to see. Keep up the good work. lijn
Name: Sietske Galama
Country: LEBANON Date: Mon Feb 26 13:53:11 2001
Comment: Dacht dat ik er al instond, maar bij nader checken bleek dat niet het geval te zijn. Ik mis een foto van Yuri.
Sietske lijn
Name: Cujo
Country: TEXAS:) Date: Sat Feb 24 15:02:33 2001
Comment: Anita, your website is just beautiful. Your Chows are incredible and the puppies are the most adorable. One day I shall be there to pick up my RED. lijn
Name: Mindy Fenton (Homepage)
Country: Japan Date: Fri Feb 23 11:04:14 2001
Comment: Anita, your puppies are gorgeous and you've done a fantastique job with your web page. I enjoyed all the photos and look forward to seeing more soon. :) lijn
Name: Audrey
Country: Date: Thu Feb 22 19:59:22 2001
Comment: Mooie homepage.
Mijn complimenten. lijn
Name: Marieke (Homepage)
Country: Nederland! Date: Thu Feb 22 18:39:53 2001
Comment: Hoi Anita!
Hele leuke homepage heb je! Ziet er mooi uit...Enne...fantastische pups!!
Houd je me op de hoogte van up-date's, want dan kom ik zeker nog eens kijken! lijn
Name: Ester (Homepage)
Country: netherlands Date: Thu Feb 22 10:08:53 2001
Comment: Hoi Anita,je hebt een leuke homepage.
Leuke foto's staan erop ga zo door.
Groetjes Ester lijn
Name: Jacque' Greene
Country: USA Date: Wed Feb 21 22:06:55 2001
Comment: Anita, Beautiful pages - I do so love these chows!!! Don't forget to keep sending pictures to the lists!!
Jacqué lijn
Name: Henny (Homepage)
Country: Holland Date: Wed Feb 21 20:59:23 2001
Comment: Hoi Anita,
Wat zijn het een scheten van hondjes he. Ik kom elke keer weer met heel veel plezier op je pagina.
Henny en de herd lijn
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