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on 23-12-2005 ewa wrote:
i lyk nutcracker!! and chow chows!! hehe i lyk chocolates.....
on 27-10-2005 RENEE wrote:
Beautiful pictures - I really enjoyed them!
Thanks for the treat!  
I am the "mom" of 2 house chows and will forever be a fan of the breed.
Best regards - Renee
on 15-10-2005 Deid wrote:
When I was little, I always wanted a lion. So, when I grew up, I got the next best thing, a Chow Chow. I named him Beast (Beauty & the Beast). He stole my heart. His nick name was Sassy Pants, because he was. He was very independent & sometimes very sneaky. His brother & best friend, an Akita named Syngin would always get into trouble when they thought we weren't looking. A lot of people said that we would never be able to keep both of them because they would be too aggressive, boy did my babies prove them wrong. Those two were inseparable. My Beasters pretended to not like being smothered but when I became pregnant, all of a sudden he was under my feet. Both my dogs were 6 years old when my son was born & they were the best baby sitters a mom could ever ask for. Beast passed away 3 years ago & your website brought back a lot of great memories. I miss him dearly. One day I'll get another Chow Chow, until them...MANY THANKS for sharing these wonderful Chow Chows with me.
on 02-10-2005 Tony and Tara Morta wrote:
I and my wife love Chows too and we have two of our own. We have one male and one female , next time i will have some pics so everyone can see. They are the most protective dogs and sometimes loyal when they are not getting into mischief. My male is 19months old and a big baby at times . The female is more of a whiner and only barks if people get near the house she is 10months old. My male is very aggressive and will bite if they (people) are in his area of the yard. I did nothing to encourage this ,he did it on his own. My dogs are part of my family and i will not give them up to anyone. To my Wife and I they are big kids. I just love chow chows . I want to be able to get my dogs to mate hopefully in the near future.
on 27-09-2005 jay rhodes wrote:
i've seen an all white albino chow with sky blue eyes-yet it still had the blue tongue hi-set tail and straight angled back legs. it was a 1 of a kind chow!
on 21-08-2005 Cindy AMOROSO wrote:
Hello Anita and Frank,
I realize that I have never written words in your guestbook !!!! So, I do.
Again, and again, thousand thanks for my so beautifull and sweet girl Cajou. With all my best regards,
Cindy, Laurent, Shaft and Cajou.
on 20-08-2005 Mary Hansen wrote:
Hi Anita,
I think your website is the most informative and interesting of any of the Chow websites I have seen! Currently, I am searching for a Royal Black Smooth Coat Male identical to Nemo. I have never seen such a magnificant creature in all my life. I feel like he is so much like a "little king" I honestly would not feel worthy of him. I lost my dear Chow boy of 14 years recently. His name was Rodney. He had the same essence as Nemo. I believe this is why I think he is everything! If you have any puppies remotely like Nemo and ship them overseas to the United States or simply have one and I would make an airplane trip myself please do not hesitate to contact me.
on 11-08-2005 leila wrote:
op 28-07-2005 schreef CHOW liefhebber:
LEUKE CHOWS!!! En wat lief,ik spaar zelf chow-spullen en ik vind het leuk dat anderen er ook van houden dus........ GA ZO DOOR!!!
on 24-07-2005 Mark Watson wrote:
Congratulations on the new layout. Keep it up to date as a celebrity :)
on 17-07-2005 Alex Mayers wrote:
Where are the updates? i cant seem to find them. But anyway, nice job.
on 05-07-2005 Laura wrote:
Dribbells homepage take a look at my site
on 29-06-2005 kim wrote:
i love my 3yr old female chow chow.she is a smooth-coated red purebrd female,and has a big fluffy tail. i love your puppies they are so cute!!!we are trying to breed our girl to!!!!!!!
op 22-06-2005 schreef Carina:
Hallo,wat een prachthonden! en een héél mooie en verzorgde site;
ik bezit al 3 Tshi-Tshu's en zou er nu nog een chow bij willen;
hopelijk gaat dat samen maar ik denk de chow komt hier dan als pupy binnen ,dat het dan wel zal lukken; alle info mag u /jullie me doormailen want ik ben op zoek naar een goede fokker;wat ik niet vindt is hoe groot de teefjes ongeveer worden,vanaf schofthoogte;ook wist ik niet dat het eigenlijk jachthonden waren;zou jullie zoveel mogelijk naar mij willen mailen aub;
groetjes Carina uit Belgie
op 20-06-2005 schreef karina:
hallo wie kan mij helpen ik heb een chow chow van vijf jaar maar ze heeft huidproblemen ze krapt haar hele nek open ik heb van alles geprobeert maar niks helpt wie mij mij en mijn lieve siela helpen help help help
on 04-06-2005 Hippo wrote:
I likes your Chow Chow Puppie Pages.It's so cute! thank for your cute chow chow puppie pages,they makes me feel happy! Thank! bye!
on 01-06-2005 chowchow lover wrote:
ooo so qute. I love chow chow. My favorit homeside
op 17-05-2005 schreef esther:
Ik heb zelf een rode langharige chowchow en hij heet Beer (hoe kan het ook anders). Onze vorige chowchow was een zwarte langhaar en we moesten hem 2 jaar terug tot ons grote verdriet op 10-jarige leeftijd laten inslapen. Sindsdien zijn we op zoek naar een zwarte langharige pup, maar daar is niet zo makkelijk aan te komen. Misschien, dat u ons hierbij kunt helpen? Alvast bedankt, Groetjes van Esther.
on 25-04-2005 silvia grimm wrote:
hello from germany,
love the dogs,love the site,
best regards,silvia,bernd and poodles.
on 11-04-2005 sav wrote:
i am savannah i have 1 chow he is 10 he will be 11 on november 10 2005
on 09-04-2005 Tracy Russo wrote:
This site is adorable. I had a chow chow as a child, He lived to be 13 years old. His name was Tobias. He was very much part of our family. Your site was excellent!!!!!
on 10-03-2005 Lindsey wrote:
I got a chow chow puppy and i name him Cuddles and he's darling! he is cream colored!
on 28-01-2005 Donna Malloy wrote:
What a Brilliant Site, Me and Zak have really enjoyed looking through it!!!! Donna & Zak SCOTLAND
op 09-01-2005 schreef Astrid Schöps:
Beste Anita,
dankuwel voor deze heerlijke web-site! Wij hebben leren kennen Nel en Henk van Slageren in augustus 2004 en wij worden onmiddelijk verliefd op de chowtjes. Sinds wij kijken regelmatig op uw puppie pages en verheugen ons over de mooi foto´s. Op 26.12.04 wij hebben Saartje (nu: Marla) op Texel afgehalt en nu woont ze bij ons en Oberhausen/Duitsland en is heel gelukkig en wij zijn trots, zo een prachtig en lief hond te bezitten.Hartelijke groeten van een nieuwe chow-fan!
on 09-01-2005 Cem wrote:
hi Everyone... This site is fantastic... i wanna be an owner of a chow chow... but my dad dont wanna have a dog... im crazy about them
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